Weigh Forward

Are you motivated to lose weight and improve your health? Are you confused about nutrition?

Why not try, Sefton’s NEW free 6 week weight management programme designed to meet the needs of people who require support in a friendly group or 1-1 setting!

  • Would you like an individualised approach that can take the stress out of losing weight?
  • Understand modern approaches to dieting & how they work to find a way that suits you.
  • Touching on a host of practical ways to improve our health and lose weight easily.

Our aims throughout the 6 week programme will touch on various topics in a group setting. The idea behind the group setting is to enhance the learning process but more importantly provide an interactive, relaxed and fun environment in which meeting other people is an added bonus.

Our key aims are to:

  • Dispel some of the dogma that surrounds nutrition.
  • Simplify the process of losing weight without it overwhelming you.
  • Provide plenty of real world practical applications you can start from the very first week on the programme.
  • Explain modern day diets such as Low Carb, 5:2, fasting and slimming clubs and how these diets work behind the scenes.
  • Give you specific advice from a trained and qualified professional.
  • Present strategies that can help with motivation, where to start with activity and exercise, how habits are formed and a range of other topics that will help broaden your knowledge and understanding of how you eat, but also why.
  • Provide unrivalled support every step of the way!

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