Joy for Joanne as she loses 22lbs.

Since completing the Active Lifestyles Referral Scheme, Joanne has gone from strength to strength and is loving the benefits it has given her.

Her 14 Week programme came to end last autumn but Joanne has made a determined commitment to continue with her new found love for exercise.

After realising that she needed to become more active and lead a healthier lifestyle, Joanne was keen to receive as much support and guidance as possible to ensure that any activity she was to partake in was safe and took her needs in to account. She received this support through Sefton Council’s Active Lifestyles referral scheme which is run throughout the borough. Alison was referred to the scheme by her GP after discussing her concerns and wish to become more active with her health care assistant. After receiving an appointment to attend a consultation with her development officer at Meadows Leisure Centre, Alison embarked on her new active lifestyle.

`        With the facilities on offer, Joanne was able to vary her exercise between sessions in the gym and sessions in the pool. During the scheme these activities cost just £1.50 each, making the programme accessible to everyone. She was closely monitored over the 14 weeks with measurements taken at the beginning, middle and end of her time on the scheme. She had a specified gym programme designed for her which took any health problems and injuries into account and met her desired fitness goals. On average Joanne was attending the gym at least 3 times per week and following these up with a visit to the pool afterwards.

During her 14 week programme, Joanne lost around 22lbs in weight and her waist circumference decreased by more than 6 centimetres. She also gained a notable improvement in her blood pressure and lung function. She is determined to gain even more benefits and although she has had some minor set backs due to ill health over the winter months, Joanne is now back on track. She took the opportunity to sign up for a membership at a reduced cost due to the fact she had successfully completed the programme. For information on the Active Lifestyle’s programme or to discuss the other services on offer which include a 12 week weight management programme, contact the team on 0151 934 2352.

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