Active Ageing

Active Ageing

Active Ageing

Active Ageing is a Free 12 week programme designed to help with the prevention of falls for those aged 65 and over and who live within the South Sefton area. The programme includes a range of exercises aimed at focusing on improving strength and balance in order to help reduce the risk of a further fall occurring. All sessions will follow with a social interaction element. Classes are held once a week at a variety of different sites across the South Sefton area. Additional home exercises are prescribed to maximise results from the programme and encourage sustainability.

Taking part in strength and balance exercises has been proven to decrease the risk and fear of falling. It has been proven that a falls prevention programme ‘can reduce the risk of falls by up to 54 percent’ (ageuk).’Active Ageing logo CMYK

The strengthening exercises focus on major lower limb muscles such as muscles in the knees and ankles, as well as targeting main leg muscles, all of which are particularly important for functional movements, such as walking and balancing.

The balance exercises that are used are mainly dynamic (moving) exercises this type of exercise will help maintain balance. As they are functional movements they will also improve strength in the legs and improve any instability you may feel. You will also be given advice on safety on prevention of falling which will include how to manage medication, home safety and wearing sensible footwear. Strength and balance classes will help with everyday activities ranging from getting up and out the chair to walking up the stairs with more confidence.

If you would like to be referred onto the programme please contact your GP or Health Professional. For more information please fill in the form below or contact us on 0151 934 2352.


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