How to get up from the floor

The following videos are for illustrative purposes only, not to be practiced at home. To be used as an educational tool to watch and learn the steps if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate event that you have fallen and are on the floor with no injuries.


Rolling on the floor, from back to front.
This video is to show you how to roll safely from your back to your front. To then be followed by the next video of getting up off the floor.

This video is to show you how to get up from the floor safely. Written instructions are also included.

Getting up from the floor

1. Once back on all fours, crawl towards the chair.

2. Take a firm grip of the chair seat with both hands.

3. Place the foot of the strongest leg as flat as possible on the floor.

4. In one dynamic movement use the arms and legs to push up onto both feet finishing in a shallow squat position with the weight evenly distributed over both feet.

5. Keep the knees bent while transferring the hands from the chair onto the thighs then use the legs to push fully up to standing.

6. Stand tall and maintain an upright posture while turning around steadily.

7. Walk slowly backwards until the chair can be felt at the back of the legs and then bend at the knees and hips and lower into the chair with control.

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