Exercise to success

June Johnson and Chris Ashcroft


June and Chris were referred to the Active Lifestyles Scheme to help them improve their health. Both were wanting to lose weight but specifically June was hoping to reduce her cholesterol levels and Chris was hoping to control his blood sugar levels better as he has Type 2 Diabetes.  June and Chris were also very keen that their new active lifestyles was a total family change.  They were keen for their children to be involved to help them develop healthier and more active lifestyles.  June, Chris and their children attended the Move It program.  Move it is a 6 week educational program.  Each week the children participate in a 45 min session aimed at addressing key nutritional messages and strategies to help those changes happen, followed by a 45 minute physical activity session involving a range of games.  June and Chris reported the children being very responsive and more open to the dietary changes that they were making at home.


In the meantime June and Chris participated in their own individually developed activity programmes suited to their needs and requirements. Both attended the gym at times convenient to them.  Both were attending at least 3 times per week, more often if they were able, as well as addressing changes in their eating habits.


Over the 14 weeks June lost a total of 10kg in weight and reduced her waist circumference by 19cm. June was delighted with the changes accomplished asw ell as feeling energised and fitter.  Chris also made change in his weight and waist circumferences. He lost a total of -3kg in weight and decreased by 7cm round the waist.  Chris was also proud of the changes he made to his physique and his levels of increase energy and wellbeing.  It also gave Chris the opportunity to revitalize the interest and enjoyment that he had taken in exercise.  Both June and Chris have committed to continuing their new Active Lifestyles and are developing their training programmes with the support of the centre staff.


Jay Claydon

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