Continued Success 12 months on

Dorothy from Bootle was originally referred to active lifestyles after being diagnosed with angina.  At the time she had low energy levels was getting breathless going up stairs and doing activities.


She completed the 14 weeks with active lifestyles seeing great results. Dorothy improved her blood pressure; she also lost weight and size of her waist which improved her BMI.


12 months on Dorothy has continued her successes in the Gym by losing more weight, this has been achieved by a healthier diet and attending Bootle Leisure centre 2 – 3 times per week. However more importantly her Angina is much more stable and she now has her energy back and doesn’t get breathless going up stairs and doing activities. Dorothy really enjoys her new routine and says she does a lot more now and that the gym is “her time”.


Dorothy has shown great results which you can to for further information on active lifestyle please contact us on 934 2352 or speak to your GP.

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