Angela's weight loss

Angela had several medical issues which had prevented her from doing exercise. She was also overweight which was putting a strain on her back.

Although Angela’s diet was quite healthy, she was having larger portions, skipping meals and eating too much saturated fat. She attended the Diet’s Don’t Work programme and although she thought she knew a lot about food and what they did to her body, she said she learnt a lot of new things and was given plenty of help and support over the 12 weeks. She started eating smaller, regular meals and is pleased to have lost 5.5kg

Angela wanted to start an exercise programme but was apprehensive, self conscious and had never considered going to a gym. She was surprised that once she had attended the gym she realised the age range of the people was 11-90 and found the staff friendly and supportive.

She also attended the chair exercise class at Crosby Lakeside and has made many friends, whilst also improving her strength and mobility. She said the chair class is fun and feels fitter, healthier and more confident. She is continuing with the chair exercise classes and the gym at Lakeside and is hoping to lose more weight.



Brenda Turnley

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